Shipping Policy


How Is The Shipping Rate Calculated?

The rate of your shipping will depend on the product’s total weight, volume, time of shipping, packaging type and shipping country.

Note, that the estimation of weight is based on the product as sometimes the calculation of shipping is also done based on the volume, especially when the product is lighter.

Be rest assured to get the most reflective price that is usually maintained in the market. However, this can further get affected by the availability of the product, the product itself and its time of ordering. This means the shipping fee may fluctuate.


How does the shipping work?

MR Sneaker works with global merchants and top quality handmade artisans in order to provide you with the best prices and the most awesome innovative products. This means that your order is shipped from all over the world. Our shipping methods for majority of our shipments are USPS and FedEx.

Because we ship directly from our partners and a lot of our products are high demand, your item(s) may take 1-3 weeks (business days) to arrive. If you buy different items it is possible that you will receive more than one package. Please do not worry if it does not show up immediately. We provide tracking numbers with every number as well.

24/7/365 ticket and email support is conveniently offered to you, We are always only one email away and offer very fast response times. Please contact us if you need assistance, we are here for you.


What Is The Processing Time?

The processing time usually sways between 1-3 days. However, this also depends on the availability of the product.

Quite naturally, if a product is out of stock temporarily, the processing time will exceed its usual timeframe.  

You can also choose to place inventory with us as we can ship out within a day. For that, you need not pay any extra warehousing charge for the inventory.


When Can I Get The Updated Tracking Number?

The tracking will be shown in the system and synchronised with the store as soon as the parcel is shipped out.